Thursday, 19 September 2013

BDSM and the Vanilla Girl - An Erotic New Series

I decided to launch myself back into writing erotica again with a new series.  BDSM and the Vanilla Girl is about a plucky, naughty, young sex blogger who desperately wants to make it as a columnist.  The catch?  The column covers all things BDSM and she's a vanilla girl.

Through this series she will discover that she might not be as vanilla as she thought.  There will be spanking, whips, role-play, and many many orgasms.  She will discover the power of submission and the honour of dominance and she will learn that the lines of sexuality, pleasure and pain will always be blurred.

But you know what?  Mainly this is just a fun little series of erotic adventures about a girl in way over her head and falling bad for all the wrong men.

One young, naughty sex blogger. One jaded Billionaire. 
She's getting that job and she'll suck him dry if she has too.


Tessa will do ANYTHING to get this job!
Sex blogger Tessa Berville can’t believe her luck! FreakWild magazine is looking for a new columnist to write on the BDSM scene and even though she’s vanilla by nature, Tessa just knows she is the writer Mr Caine is looking for. But when he bends her over his desk she might just be in for more than she can handle.

Sexually explicit short story for adults 18+ and over. Follow Tessa on her erotic adventures through the world of BDSM. There will be sex and bondage and maybe a little romance.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

And she's Back!

Hello hello my friends!  How you doing?  Your hair looks amazing by the way...

Sooo I've been away for a while, a long while and I'm sorry about that.  I had some stuff I needed to sort out - mostly in my own head - but I'm back now and rearing to write more filthy prose.